93. Ghetto Nursery Rhymes Part 2

"Ghetto Nursery Rhymes: Part 2" is the 93rd This is A Commentary video, released on August 3, 2013. The video has over 280,000 hits and has been lauded by fans as Tre's funniest video yet. It is a sequel to Ghetto Nursery Rhymes.


The plot starts off as watermelondrea opens the door to let tyrone in. They have a quick talk before dat gay ass kid comes in and ask for a nursery rhyme. Watermelondrea tells him the pussy spout story and tells him good night. she gets back with tyrone and tells him that isnt her son after he said he dont fuck with bitches with kids. the kid calls her back and she tells him to story the weed man, the fat bitch, and jerome and jill, she leaves again and tells tyrone again that aint her child. then the kid comes into the room and drea ask hims what the fuck is he doing. he tells her he tryed to warn her and then calls her a bitch, she then tells him to get the fuck back in his room. he said all he wanted was a nursery rhyme, she then tells him that she is gonna count to 3, she says 1 but the kid says 2,3 what now honey. she then states that she wants to beat his ass tyrone leaves and she looks at the kid and the kid gets scared.

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