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93. Ghetto Nursery Rhymes Part 2

"Ghetto Nursery Rhymes: Part 2" is the 93rd This is A Commentary video, released on August 3, 2013. The video has over 280,000 hits and has been lauded by fans as Tre's funniest video yet. It is a sequel to Ghetto Nursery Rhymes.


Watermelondrea is seen checking her hair in the mirror as the doorbell rings. She hears the doorbell and does several kisses and flicks her tongue as if practicing. She then answers the door to Tyrone (played by Tre) and lets him in. Watermelondrea asks him which kind of cocktail he preferred: Arbor Mist strawberry daiquiri or Daily's blue Hawaiian. Tyrone wants Watermelondrea to surprise him, and she says she'll surprise him "with a full split on that di--". She is cut off when she hears the boy say "Moooooommm!" offscreen. Tyrone asks who that was, and Watermelondrea excuses herself.

The boy says "Moooomm!" again as Watermelondrea opens the door. He wonders aloud why his mother failed to inform him on when her "rat ass" is coming to babysit. Watermelondrea irately asks the boy what he wanted, and he replies with his trademark "I can't fall asleep." She says that she had put NyQuil under the boy's pillow, but he sniffs the air and says that he smells a man. Watermelondrea says that she was sure he did, but then calls him a "fat daddy nostril-ass nigga". The boy confronts her on having invited "an unidentified man" into his mother's home. Watermelondrea snaps at the boy to mind his own business, calling him "Sherlock Homo". The boy performs another trademark blackmail: if Watermelondrea doesn't tell him a nursery rhyme, the boy will tell his mother Watermelondrea invited a man over to "bust [her] clean up on the living room couch." Watermelondrea says, "You wouldn't,", to which the boy replies, "You clearly do not know me." She thens gives him a rhyme:

The itsy bitsy dick went up my pussy spout

I couldn't feel shit, so I kicked that nigga out

He tried to tell his friends that my pussy game was wack

So I found that bitch nigga and I cut off his ball sack

Watermelondrea then leaves in a haste, returning to Tyrone. He thinks that the boy is Watermelondrea's son, but she clearly states that she simply babysits him on the weekends. Tyrone is shocked to realize that she had invited him over to a "crib" that wasn't hers, but Watermelondrea insists it wasn't that big of a deal. When she tries to get Tyrone's attention off of the boy, he says "Moooomm!" again, making her excuse herself again.

Watermelondrea opens the door and announces that if she could get away with murder, she would "chop [his] Steve Urkel-looking ass up so quick!" The boy gets to the point and orders another nursery rhyme:

Do you know the weed man, the weed man, the weed man?

Do you know--

The boy cuts her off ordering a different rhyme:

Little miss fat bitch

Sat in a fat ditch

Eating her KFC

Along came a roach

A fat ass roach

A'nd made miss fat bitch flee

The boy orders one more nursery rhyme:

Jerome and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pair of Js

Jill fell down, her weave fell out, and now she bald for days

Watermelondrea then closes the door and goes back to Tyrone. He still thinks Watermelondrea is the mother of the boy, but she swears that he lied. Tyrone then asks why he was calling her "mom", and she replies, "Because he's fucking stupid!" Watermelondrea doesn't want to talk about him and to talk about them. Tyrone asks her if she was sure the boy wasn't her kid, because he didn't do bitches with kids. Watermelondrea swears that he wasn't her kid, but then the boy shows up out of bed and says "Moooom!"

A greatly embarrassed Watermelondrea asks the boy what he was doing through clenched teeth, and he replies that he tried to warn her and calls her a bitch. Watermelondrea orders the boy to go back into his room, but he says all he wanted was "a normal fucking nursery rhyme". She decides to count to three; when she says one, the boy says two and three and condescendingly asks, "What now, honey?" Watermelondrea bounces up and down in her seat, wanting to beat the boy's ass.

Tyrone has had enough at this point and decides to leave, but she says that it's been two whole days since she's "had [her] pussy busted wide open." The boy shakes his head and says "Mmm, mmm, mmm" in disapproval. Watermelondrea desperately says that she "needs some dick", only for the boy to reply that she needs Jesus. All this makes up Tyrone's mind and he leaves despite Watermelondrea's pleas. She then turns her head toward the boy and he gasps, all while dramatic music plays. Presumably she then beat the boy's ass afterward.

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